Rocky Point Sailing Association

Rocky Point Sailing Association offers its eligible Keel Boat members the use of the Orane or the Beethoven


Since 2007 RPSA is the owner of a cruiser, a Columbia 27 (8.3), moored at Reed Point Marina. Her name is the Orane. Through the hard work of many of the RPSA Adult Members this boat has been restored to safe working order and is available for use by club members which paid the Keel Boat use fee.

Manufacturer's original Columbia 8.3 (27ft) Specification. Note that Orane's inboard engine is not operational. Instead there is an 9.9HP outboard engine.

The calculated hull speed of the Orane using LWL (length at the Water Line) 21' and the formula Hull Speed = 1.34 x Square Root of LWL yields Approximately 6 knots.


Acquired from Disabled Sailing Association, "sloop-rigged" C&C fiberglass 29-foot yacht. Beethoven sleeps five in two cabins, with the comforts of home represented by a kerosene heater, three-burner stove and ice refrigerator. She’s fitted with a compass and depth sounder. Beethoven is powered by a 15 hp Yanmar engine, and boasts 422 sq. ft. of sails."

The calculated hull speed of the Beethoven using LWL (length at the Water Line) 23.5' and the formula Hull Speed = 1.34 xSquare Root of LWL yields Approximately 6.5 knots.


  1. Read the Usage Rules and Procedures
  2. Complete the Skipper Application Form
  3. Even the users not applying for the Skipper designation should fill out the parts of the application describing their boating experience
  4. Applicants must have the required course standards for:
    1. Canadian Power Squadron Boating Course
    2. Basic Cruising Standard
    3. Intermediate Cruising Standard
    4. Advanced Cruising Standard
    5. Coastal Navigation Standard