Our youth sailing classes are a great introduction to water safety and the world of sailing and water sport!

RPSA abides by rules and recommendations provided by viaSport, the Province of British Columbia, BC Sailing, Sail Canada, Transport Canada, Canadian Coast Guard, WorkSafe BC, the City of Port Moody, and the Old Mill Boathouse.

All courses run from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Supervision is available from 8:45 am until 4:15 pm at the Old Mill Boathouse. Our staff can be identified by their red RPSA coach t-shirts.

2021 Program Schedule

Program Details

Junior Sailing

Beginner sailing program using the Optimist dinghy.

This one week program, designed for youth aged 5 to 8, introduces boating safety and basic sailing skills in a safe and fun environment. Whether they are on a day trip, exploring the inlet, or on a treasure hunt for a pirate’s lost gold, these sailors learn that being safe on the water is fun.

Prerequisite: None

Ages 5-8

Girl Power Sailing

Beginner sailing program using the Optimist dinghy.

This one week program is designed for girls only aged 7 to 9. The program is similar to Junior Sailing, however it places an emphasis on encouraging the participation of younger girls in sailing and physical activity.

Prerequisite: None

Ages 7-9


Sailors will learn to sail the Optimist which is raced internationally.

We designed this program for sailors that have finished Junior Sailing or Girl Power Sailing, but would like to further develop basic sailing skills and confidence in preparation for a CANSail program.

Prerequisite: Junior Sailing

Ages 9-12

CANSail 1/2

This two-week program, designed for youth ages 9 and up, will allow sailors the opportunity to work towards Sail Canada’s CANSail 1 or 2 certification. It is designed for individuals with little to no sailing experience. Programs are run using the Optimist, 420, or Laser dinghy.

CANSail 1 teaches sailors the fundamental sailing skills including basic sheeting, steering, and boat handling on all points of sail. Sailors can sail within defined boundaries set by an instructor.

CANSail 2 teaches sailors to adjust their bodies and boats for changes in direction and wind speed while sailing, and to perform boat-handling maneuvers in a controlled manner.

Prerequisite: None

Ages 9-12 (Opti), 10+ (420, Laser)

CANSail 3/4

Split intermediate and advanced sailing program using the Laser dinghy. Participants must weigh at least 100 lbs.

​CANSail 3 teaches sailors to integrate the fundamental boat handling and balance with basic tactics and strategy as well as applied sail trim. Sailors are exposed to a greater variety of conditions and take part in a club race or club training camp.

CANSail 4 teaches sailors to perform advanced boat handling in a variety of conditions. Sailors can conduct maneuvers for tactical and strategic purposes in competitive environments.

Prerequisite: CANSail 2

Ages 10+

CANSail 4/5

Advanced sailing program using the Laser dinghy. Participants must weigh at least 100 lbs.

CANSail 4 teaches sailors to perform advanced boat handling skills in a variety of conditions. Sailors can successfully execute manoeuvres in competitive settings and for tactical and strategic purposes.

CANSail 5 fully integrates boat handling with tactics and strategy. Sailors are also introduced to the concept of rig tuning and its relation to boat trim and conditions.

Prerequisite: CANSail 3

Ages 10+

Volunteer Training

This program is designed for those sailing students who have completed their CANSail 3 and are now ready to start learning to be a sailing instructor.

This course offers certificates for CPR-C, First-Aid, and the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. This course covers most of the prerequisites required to register for a Sail Canada instructor Clinic and is mandatory before becoming a volunteer at RPSA.

Prerequisite: CANSail 3

Ages 14+

Program Registration

RPSA uses GiftTool to manage our event registration and payment processing. GiftTool employ the latest encryption technology to protect payment processing and participant information.

The register button below will open a new browser to access our program guidelines, risk statement, and fees. An RPSA membership can optionally be purchased which will entitle you to a 10% discount.

New for 2021, a double handed (two people) program using the 420 sail boat will be offered. The sailors will be in close proximity to one another. In alignment with BC Sail sport guidelines, we ask that registrants identify as living in the same private residence. Please provide the full names of the sailors in the Sailor Full Name and Sailor 2 Full Name fields of the registrant information form. Program fees and participant capacity reflect two people registering at once.

Registration opens Thursday April 15 at 10 am.