Rocky Point Sailing Association has completed the Scout Indemnification and can provide sail and canoe programs for youth ages 5 and up.

Programs run from April through August. Full day (6hr) and Half Day (3hr) sessions are offered. Programs can be catered to the needs of each group: we offer single day intro-to-sailing programs, as well as multi-day programs specially developed to cover Scouts Canada Sailing Skills Competencies.


Scouts acquire an understanding of ocean sailing conditions and develop a foundation for other water activities and basic water safety. Scouts will learn how to safely interact with our local coastal environment in a fun, safe, and inclusive way.

Participants will sail on small sailing dinghies that each have 2-3 scouts aboard. Skills covered include:

  • Naming each part of the boat
  • Figure-8, Bowline, and Reef Knots, and how to use them to rig a sailboat
  • How to act safely on and around cold water
  • How to wear a PFD
  • How to steer a boat and control sails with a team
  • And most importantly, how to have fun on the water with friends!

For booking or more details, please contact us with your preferred dates and group size. Please ensure to monitor your junk email as replies may be filtered out.

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