The Rocky Point Sailing Association School offers a variety of field trips for grades 4-12. The program challenges students to work as a team using problem solving skills in a dynamic, inclusive and safe environment while learning the basics of sailing and paddling. All school programs are offered from early May through to the end of June. We accept bookings as early as January.

Students will be introduced to boat safety, rigging and basic sailing. They will have enough understanding to sail the boats on their own in light to medium wind conditions by the end of the day. The program challenges students to work as a team using problem solving skills in a dynamic, inclusive and safe environment while learning the basics of sailing.

Participants develop STEM skills based on practical lessons including: how to measure the wind, buoyancy, sail area and perimeter, simple machines on sailboats, water quality testing, marine debris, upwind sailing angles, land and sea breezes, and wind power.


In the morning, students learn boat safety, rigging and basic sailing. The afternoon is spent on the water applying the morning’s lessons.


This program operates in partnership with Rocky Point Kayak. One learns to kayak in the morning and the other learns to canoe. The groups switch activities in the afternoon

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boating is the ultimate team sport.  Every seat on the boat plays a critical role.  Generally, the boats consist of 18 to 20 paddlers, a steer person, and a drummer.

Programs are built to meet your need. Prices vary from $20-30 per student. We can handle class sizes from 10 to 60, providing either single or multi-day programs.

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