Thank You

On behalf of the executive and membership I want to extend our sincere appreciation for our coaches and staff – Zach, Cam, Joe, Andy, Victoria, Caja and Musa – for their dedication, enthusiasm, patience and expertise. They should be very proud of what they accomplished. Feedback from parents has been very positive.

A very special thank you to Musa and Caja. Musa executed our COVID-19 health and safety policies, collaborated with coaches to develop modified summer programs and managed the day-to-day operations. Caja surveyed members and past program participants to learn what RPSA was doing well, how we can improve, and what our community wants in terms of future programming. 

Lastly, I want to thank our volunteers and keelboat skippers. In March, RPSA’s future was uncertain. Thanks to a dedicated group we were able to band together to accomplish RPSA’s core mission and keep coaches employed and run diverse sailing program.

Commodore, RPSA