Boat-Out Day

by Strac Ivanov

At this time of the year we organize Boat-Out Day: The day on which we get together to winterize RPSA’s boats and sailing equipment and store them safely until the Spring.  Like in previous years, we rely on help from our members to complete this task.

This year, Boat-Out Day has been scheduled for Sunday, November 21st. On the previous day (Saturday, November 20th) RPSA’s race team will get together to do some of the preparation work. Then we will move the boats into storage, along with the sails, masts, etc.

Those of us who are available to help will meet at 9 am on Sunday, November 21st at the Old Mill Boathouse. It is not necessary to register in advance. However, in compliance with public health measures, each of us will need to show proof of vaccination, and we will be go through an assessment questionnaire for any potential COVID-19 symptoms. Volunteers should bring a face mask as well.  On behalf of the RPSA Executive, I would like to thank to all of you who are able to join us on November 21st